Here’s a breakdown of what we offer and what it costs.

These prices are for small businesses with 5-30 staff and between 1-10m in revenue. For smaller businesses, there may a cost reduction, and for larger businesses, an increase.

It starts with branding. We offer other things, but all our clients start with branding, because that’s what we do.

But first – do you want to save money by giving brand strategy a shot yourself? You do the basics with our Notion Brandstrat templates. The first and most important is free – you will define the personality of your brand which you can hand off to any creative so they can do exactly what you want faster.

Brand Strategy – 10k

Brand strategy translates your business needs into clear guidelines for design, marketing and communication, so that creatives aren’t driving blind when you pay them to help you (as such it is meant to save you money and hair in the long run).

Brand Strategy includes

These cover: WHYs, futures, opportunities, efficiencies, brand personality, voice, narrative, impact, culture. Everything you will need to hit the ground running.

It doesn’t include public facing assets such as logos, copywriting. These are specialised services we also offer:


After the brand strategy basics are covered, we can translate it into the actual things people will see and hear from you. If you tack any two of these to brand strategy up-front, we’ll knock 2k off the price.

To be clear, we’ll happily knock up a brilliant brand strategy with you, but we really want you to take us up on these other things too. Because we like doing them.

Messaging – 5k

Messaging is a style guide for communication. It will clarify, with plentiful usable examples, your key messages

Stylescapes – 5k

Stylescapes clarify your visual direction. they translate your brand strategy into a concrete visual style which you can use to show anyone what your brand looks like.

Platform Setup – 2k per platform

This assumes you’ve got Stylescapes done and dusted. We’ll get you running on the platforms of your choice, and help you with your first 2 publishes.

Logo – 5k

The logo isn’t as important as you think. It’s not nearly as important as your overall brand. That said, it does need to reflect your brand and make the right initial impression. We’d prefer to be doing logo with styles capes however we can do it as a singular add-on to brand strategy.

Retain-a-Monsta – from $300 monthly

We promise it’s as fun as it sounds. If you don’t want to bound off into the wild all alone just yet, let us go with you. We can structure something based on what you need. The retainer will include set deliverables and allow for ongoing coaching.