El Problemo: The most effective branding exercise for messaging ←read

Is your homepage, or all your content, feeling bland and generic? Yeah, so was mine up to a point. I mean, it’s still not that great, but just starting the branding process with the basics – WHY – was enough to straighten it out. Here’s my homepage copy before this exercise. And here’s my copy […]


I never liked the word “hustle” ←read

But now I see it. It’s not about hustling people, it’s about hustling myself. And it’s 1000% what I need, and 1000% what I haven’t been doing in the past.


Not all branding is personal, but it should be. ←read

Most branding is personal. Personal refers to the approach taken, rather than the fact it’s a brand with a person’s name or face. Personal doesn’t refer (at least when I use it) to the fact that you are branding a single person. You can brand a small business with a personal approach. You can brand a person with […]


What’s the difference between branding, brand strategy, and brand identity design? ←read

“Branding” means the entire process of creating a brand….


Why making a website is so hard ←read

Hi homies. TLDR: Your website is hard to make because you don’t have the clarity you need- the clarity that brand strategy and a little branding will get you. You’ve skipped a crucial step and you’re going to pay for it forever. Let me get this straight: it’s ok to make your own website and […]


Is branding worth it for a side-hustle? ←read

Money is a major issue with side hustles. You want maximum roar for your rupee – every dollar counts.


How to make designers do exactly what you need ( TLDR: WITH BRANDING). ←read

Crucially monsters, the answer is not to threaten them with degustation.


Simple is SCARY :] ←read

Why do designers always have make everything more complicated than it needs to be? (AKA why designers complicate things)


Hello world! ←read

New thing incoming – woooo. Thousandth time lucky.