Launch with Clarity

Starting a new venture without a clear direction or ample resources? Gain the clarity and motivation you need with DIY brand strategy.

Embrace Your Unique Hustle

Brand strategy isn’t just about promotion; it’s about discovering what truly makes you stand out and weaving that uniqueness into your project’s identity. It’s time to shed any feelings of being too different, too old, too young, too anything.

Live Your Potential

It’s time to move beyond seeing your potential as just a possibility. Embrace your capacity to make a difference for yourself and your loved ones. Recognize your power to navigate time, change, and market forces. Don’t settle for less than what you’re capable ofโ€”make your mark with your brand. Now is the moment to act, regardless of your past actions or inactions. Pursue your dreams for yourself and for those who love you, embracing a future with no regrets.

Be the best you

Stop doubting who you could become and start living as that person now. We often find ourselves trapped between feeling superior to the world and utterly overwhelmed by it. This duality is a form of escapism, a barrier to acknowledging our potential and taking control of our destinies.

Join our Discord community, where you’ll connect with Ali, the head MoNstA, and fellow dreamers. Together, we navigate similar challenges, supporting each other in our collective journey. If “hustle” seems like a daunting word, remember, it’s an essential ingredient to transform dreams into reality. Embrace the hustle, and let it propel you forward.

About MoNstA

Ali is a crazy monster with 43 years of experience ripping shit up. There is no normal here. Please ask your friends on Linked In if you want normal. I personally find normal highly annoying (not to mention inhibiting).

I promise three things: Truth, monster metaphors when I can think of them, and brand.

My story

(as far as it pertains to MoNstA. Hit me up to swap memoirs any time though).

I learned brandstrat the hard way. It started with half a decade of web and graphic design. I always thought the process was broken and I didn’t know why. I quit. Then one fortuitous day I realised design the way it should be is entirely possible, it’s just that there’s always a step missing.

Conversely I doubled down on my realisation that deisgn without strategy is completely fucked and a waste of money and time. You need strategy first, or at least designers who can do a bit of it. BUT WHO WANTS TO PAY FOR THAT? If you charge for what it’s worth, it’s way too much for average people.

Hence, MoNstA was born to offer these crucial services in ways you – someone working their way out of the daily grind – can afford. So we do it differently to the mainstream brand strategy – it’s less hands on: we let you tackle the process yourself, and stand on the sidelines, like a coach. Or a vicious monster.

Ali dark monsta