Ali dark monsta

Ali is a crazy monster with 43 years of experience ripping shit up.

There is no normal here. Please ask your friends on LinkedIn if you want normal (*rejoins LinkedIn…).

I promise three things: Truth, Monsters, and Brand.

My story

(as far as it pertains to this website. Hit me up to swap memoirs any time though).

I learned brandstrat the hard way. It started with half a decade of web and graphic design. I always thought the process was broken and I didn’t know why. I quit. Then I discovered The Futur and their Core Discovery framework, which helped me realise that design without strategy (how it ALWAYS happened with small business / micropeneur clients) is completely fucked and a waste of money and time. Business people need brand strategists before designers, or designers who can do a bit of brand strategy themselves. BUT WHO WANTS TO PAY FOR THAT SHIT? Not a lot of small businesses, it turns out.

Hence, MoNstA was born to offer these crucial services in ways everyone can afford.


Brand is where it all starts, but we can also extrapolate that into basic business and design assets:

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